North Texas Baptist Seminary
Academic Excellence with a Scriptural Foundation 

Admission Policy


North Texas Baptist Seminary is a non-discriminatory educational institution. All applications are considered without regard to sex, race, national or ethnic origin. In considering every application, the Admissions Office reviews the applicants complete application, academic record when it is applicable, and personal information.

The undergraduate and graduate programs are open to any individual meeting the Admission requirements of North Texas Baptist Seminary. Our Seminary is strictly Baptist; however students are accepted from various backgrounds. As an Independent Baptist Seminary, we choose not to affiliate or associate with any other governing body.


* Our goal is to provide the student with Biblical training from the Bible. We take the Position that God’s Word is the final authority.

* Our goal is to help prepare the student to fulfill the will of God for his or her life. To help equip the student for all types of Christian service.

* Our goal is to provide a foundation for a life of evangelism, Christian faith, and servitude, that stands as a testimony of the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

* Our goal is to make the Christian stronger in his calling. We strive to help the student to strengthen his commitment to His Saviour.


1. The completed application mailed to the Seminary.

2. Recent color photo. 

3. Any applicable transcripts.

4. Testimony of your salvation experience.

5. Letter of recommendation from applicant’s pastor.

6. $50.00 application fee (non refundable).

Please Note That The Requirements Above MUST Be Completed

Before Enrollment Can Be Complete.